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Tuesday, October 11th at 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Ohio University College of Health Sciences and Professions – 2nd Floor – Room 212
6805 Bobcat Way
Dublin, OH 43016

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Course Code: EGDOU1011

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If you are retired or approaching retirement, you owe it to yourself to consider how proper estate planning can
protect you and your assets now, and provide for your loved ones later.


Proper Estate Planning involves preparing for how your assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death. It also takes into account the management of your properties and financial obligations in the event that you become incapacitated.

Other major Estate Planning tasks include:

  • Limiting estate taxes by setting up trust accounts in teh name of the beneficiaries
  • Establishing a guardian for living dependents
  • Naming an executor of the estate to oversee the terms of the will
  • Creating / Updating beneficiaries on plans such as life insurance, IRAs and 401(k)s
  • Establishing annual gifting to qualified charitable and non-profit organizations to reduce the taxable estate

If you are retired or nearing retirement, your priorities change. Instead of accumulating money, the focus shifts to protecting your nest egg, making it last, and being able to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

With constantly changing market conditions, interest rates and tax laws – it’s possible (even likely) that your current estate plan may well be outdated.

This two-hour course real-world strategies and methods designed for those who are concerned about proper estate planning, reducing or eliminating estate taxes, and ensuring that their wishes are fulfilled. This course will help take the confusion out of estate planning and empower you to design a plan that will protect you, your assets, and most importantly your loved ones.

Upon completion, you will know how to properly protect your assets from probate and spend down, accurately devise a plan for income that will last throughout your retirement and take advantage of tax tips and strategies that will help you achieve your goals with the least amount of taxes owned to Uncle Sam.

Some of the Topics We’ll Cover: 

  • Why it’s so important to plan your estate in advance
  • Why most living trusts do not work, and how you can assure your trust meets your goals
  • How to protect the assets you leave from lawsuits, divorce, creditors, and estate taxes
  • How to protect your assets from the Nursing Home
  • How to use current IRS tax codes to create a tax-free retirement
  • Why giving assets outright to heirs may actually not be in their best interest
  • How to reduce or eliminate probate cost when settling your estate
  • The most common estate planning mistakes to avoid

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