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07/31/2021 at 10:30 am - 11:45 am

South Foxboro Community Center
382 South Street
Foxboro, MA 02035

Social Security – Know Your Options
In Person Workshop
Course Code: SJMSF0731

Join us for a Free Educational workshop, Plus – Learn how the current state of the economy could affect your retirement!

For your continued safety, seating will be limited and social distancing protocols will be followed.

This Course is offered FREE of Charge
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In Person Workshop

Educate yourself and know your options BEFORE filing for Social Security benefits … the wrong choices could substantially reduce your benefit over the course of your retirement.

  • Learn important rules that affect when and how you file for benefits
  • Learn options that can maximize your benefits
  • Learn how to minimize taxes on your Social Security
  • Learn strategies for coordinating Social Security with other retirement income

Regrettably, many people make poor choices when claiming their Social Security simply because they don’t understand the options or strategies available to maximize their benefits.

Some important topics and questions that will be discussed in this workshop:  

  • Why delaying your Social Security benefit could mean up to 32% more income during retirement?
  • What is the Social Security tax penalty and how can you possibly avoid it?
  • How to make sense of spousal, ex-spousal and survivor benefits when claiming your Social Security
  • Will your benefit be negatively impacted by the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)?
  • How could your Social Security benefit possibly be impacted if you file while still working?
  • How do Medicare and Social Security work together?
  • What if you’ve already filed? Can you make a change?
  • Will Social Security be enough for you to live on during retirement?

Regardless of your age and current claiming status, there still may be many considerations which could maximize your family’s lifetime Social Security benefit and minimize taxes.


We will also discuss the current economic situation and how it could affect your tax planning, RMDs, and retirement plan. We will provide answers to common financial concerns and offer strategies that could help you protect your savings and retirement. 

  • How could the current economic environment and global market instability affect your retirement?
  • What is the SECURE ACT and how will it affect your retirement accounts?
  • How can you avoid the impending tax increases?
  • What can you do to minimize your tax liability in retirement?
  • You were planning on retiring soon, but now you’re not sure you can. What options do you have?

Join us for this FREE Educational Class!

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