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06/29/2019 at 10:15 am - 12:15 pm

Talbot Belmond Library
440 E. Main Street
Belmond, IA 50421

Talbot Belmond Library
Course Code: SSMBKTB0629

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One of the most important decisions you need to make before you retire is when and how to claim Social Security benefits. About half of retirees apply for Social Security as soon as they become eligible at age 62, but by doing so, they may significantly and permanently impact their income and benefits for the rest of their lives. The difference between the best and worst possible decision of when to start Social Security can be well over $100,000.

Additionally, if you are approaching age 65 or going on Medicare for the first time, this is your opportunity to gain a basic understanding of how Medicare works, and how it affects you. You will learn about what Parts A, B, C and D cover and what is not covered. You will learn the difference between Original Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans. This class makes Medicare easy to understand.

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