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06/21/2022 at 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Ivy Tech Community College Batesville Campus - Classroom 1405
1 Ivy Tech Drive
Batesville, IN 47006

Tax Planning Strategies

In Person Workshop

Course Code – TDWBC0621

Not Your Typical Tax Planning Class – Learn What Really Matters!

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In Person Workshop

Who doesn’t want to minimize their tax liability?

This class will help you understand how your assets are taxed, the most recent changes to the tax code, how these changes could affect you, and time-tested strategies to minimize your tax liability.

Prudent planning and management of your taxes can seem like a complex and overwhelming task. In this class, we simplify the topic to help you understand how your assets are taxed, how the most recent tax code changes could affect you, and what you can do today to minimize your tax liability going forward. You’ll learn how to protect your assets from Uncle Sam and keep more of your future income.

We’ll discuss these important topics and more: 

  • The ways in which your different assets are taxed
  • The difference between Tax-Deferred accounts and Tax-Advantaged accounts
  • How to find your ideal balance of Taxable, Tax-Deferred and Tax-Free money
  • What the upcoming changes to income tax rates could mean for your financial future
  • 3 ways to minimize taxes on IRA distributions, whether you’ve already begun taking them or you’re waiting until you’re required to take them at age 72
  • What the February 2022 tax changes for Inherited IRAs means for the money that was left to you
  • Paying taxes now or later:  Which makes more sense?


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